"  Simone is so loving and very talented as a teacher and witness for Christ.  I feel stronger, more confident in sharing the gospel  very well done.  Thank you for the opportunities to learn."
Yvonne- student in Apologetics class


"Simone is truly a gifted of God. She is an excellent Teacher!"
Elaine-student in Minor Prophets Bible study


"Learned ways to deepen my daily prayer life. 
Simone is a down to earth Christian woman
Sharon- student in Prayer Bible Study


"The strength of Simone is her wisdom, compassion, bible, knowledge enthusiasm, amazing love for God!  Beautiful example of well balanced Proverbs 31 women.  One who listens to and is led by God's Spirit."
Carol- student in Women of the Bible Study


All speaking and teaching topics and titles below can be adapted into 
one, two, three, or four workshop sessions including retreat formats.

Simone is willingly led of the Holy Spirit to customize messages according to the specific spiritual needs of the audience

Biblical Fasting
Defending the Christian Faith 
How to Read and Study the Bible (Hermeneutics) 
What is Theology? 
Spiritual Disciplines
Spiritual Warfare 
 Apologetics Jesus Style: Cognitive Arguments of Christ:
Based on New Testament scriptures 

Women and Apologetics:
(variety of teachings)
 Training women in the defense of the faith encouraging them to be defenders of the faith by teaching others; their families, children and other women by equipping this in Christ

​Praises of Anna:
Declaration of Christ

Praise for the Promise:
Study on Praise because of the Promise 

Songs of Christmas:
Biblical Christmas Carols - Old and New Testament passages


Don't Be Messin' with the Jewels in my Crown
 The beauty of our suffering that turns into spiritual jewels for 
our future crowns in glory. Various New Testament scriptures

Gazing At The King
Keeping our focus on God in the midst of all our circumstances.

Ho! Everyone Who Thirsts
Focusing on coming to the table to eat supper with Christ.

​Jesus: Seeker of One
One on one encounters of how Jesus embraces 
others and calls them friend 
Scripture Text: Various scriptures in the synoptic gospels

Jesus' Traveling Itinerary
Looking at Jesus' detailed purpose of His travels 
& modeling our travel after His.

The Marvelous Light 
Discovering Christ in a deeper light & learning 
how we  can reflect His light daily

The Theology of Christ
Learning and growing deep in who Christ is and 
how to apply what we learn through our behavior

Persistence in Prayer:
Prayer Lessons from Nehemiah

Saturating your Fears with Prayers:
Prayer Lessons from Jehoshaphat - II Chronicles 20

The Fruits of Prayer
Studying from our perfect example Christ who
is our most excellent pray-er.  Learning to Abide in Him

A Focus on Fasting:
"Abide in me, and I in you.” John 15:4
Training and practicing scriptural examples of fasting.

A Quest for Spiritual Disciplines:
Pursing deeper spiritual growth based on Biblical application.
 Old and New Testament Scriptures

Cross / Strength Training: Spiritual Warfare I:
II Corinthians 10:1-6

Cross / Strength Training: Spiritual Warfare II:
Lessons of Servant hood and Scapegoat 

Deeper Depth in Christ:
Steps to deeper riches in Christ, growing
 in Christ-like richness. Various scriptures of Biblical people & the lessons we learn of their story.

Deep Roots In Christ: 
Growing stronger, deeper and fruitful, 
so that Jesus is well pleased.

Joy: From Christ’s Perspective:
Following the example of joy demonstrated by our Savior.

Let Us Go With Christ:
In the midst of peer pressure, encouragement to stand strong & follow Christ. Scripture Text: John 11

.Additional topics and themes available upon request.
Deep Roots in Christ